Industry Expertise

Use Technology to Solve Problems


Information technology has created a new operating environment: one that combines the needs of the manufacturing sector with that of the service sector.   This approach looks at back-end and front-end processes to improve efficiencies, to identify and remedy disconnects in systems thereby reducing costs.


Identifying the alternatives, estimating the market and the potential market share that can be captured; using that information to assist in the developing products/services and then crafting the communication messages to attract sales are the processes in which SMC Solutions excels.


Now, the issues that once affected only small companies are being felt in larger organizations.  Issues such as:  Smaller Staffs and the challenges of hiring and keeping the best employees; Cash Flow balancing the needs of credit and collections policies with new sales opportunities; Business Expansion identifying and capturing high-quality customers to expand and grow the business.


Our team consists of professionals specializing in business process reengineering, new product development, CRM, business intelligence and sales force productivity.  All areas that executives need to compete in these challenging economic environment.

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